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Dilla's Delights Donut Shop Adventures

Ya know life is funny. Just the other day, I woke up pretty late and still needed to go sell some CDs  to cover operation
expenses for my day at work.  Of course this includes gasmoney and money for my habit.  I may miss gas but I won't
miss habit.  So, this day in particular as I was driving down Michigan Avenue, thinking of areas that I could go
sell a few quick CDs, it hit me: Why not just go Downtown and sell CDs? Normally because I work Downtown,
I sell CDs before I get to work. However, with a couple of hours before my scheduled punch in time, I
figured what the hell, parked in my regular spot, went in for my free soda pop and sandwich, and told my boss
I'll be back nigga. I'm about to sell some CDs.  Shouts out to the two bartenders at the job who bought
themselves a copy.  So off to the streets of Downtown Detroit I go.  As I'm walking down Broadway,
I gander upon a sign that said "Dilllaz Delights".  I didn't know that they were already open.  
So of course I walk in to sell some CDs.  That's when I met Glenn and Uncle Herm.  
After a brief chit chat, Glenn invited me to sign Uncle Herm's Phife Dawg t-shirt.  
It is a t-shirt that they hang on the wall at Dillaz Delights Donut Shop with a very interesting background
story to it. Glenn allowed me to videotape this induction into hiphop history.  So here we are,
my blog about my adventures at Dillaz Delights.  Also a special thank you to the homeboy Marcus at
the Last tango Barber Shop for getting me crispy before my shift.  

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