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Does Facebook pay Recording artist Royalites

Does Facebook Pay recording artist royalties
Blog post by  Joquan Da Hooligan
It is my understanding as a recording artist that songwriters and composers
of original works are entitled to performance rights royalties when there
Material is played or streamed on the Internet. When your music is played
For the public you should be compensated. YouTube does fairly well distributing
Royalties for artist whose music is uploaded on their site. When you upload a
sample track on their site you get a copyright notification.
That’s why some people have to use license free music when they monetize there
videos. They have a content ID system when you use background music
they check it to see if any publishing royalties are owed.
Facebook however if you notice has no content ID system. You can upload a Prince
record and you would not hear from Facebook until someone reports your post for
Copyright violation. Unfortunately Facebook does not pay performing royalties as we
Know it. I have my music distributed by CD Baby and had a conversation with the
good people at the artist music site about the topic and as far as they know no artist has been paid publishing for
there music on Facebook through cdbaby yet.
I have seen payments on my account from deezer, beats, google, myspace,
and of course youtube but nothing so far from Facebook.
 Unfortunate considering that they are one of the biggest sites in the world
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