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How to sell your music cd's on the streets

In the movie Jarhead Jamie Fox was the Staff Sargent for STA Surveillance and Target Acquisition. This is the first thang you must be on when grinding your CD’s on the streets. Be vigilant survey your potential customer. Do I have product they might be interested in ? Can I convince them to support me despite there level of interest in my product ? Will this person be able to afford what I am asking ? All things to consider before you even bother to Acquire their attention for step 2.

After processing the necessary information and deciding to go forward with the sales attempt. I need to introduce my self before I can present them my product or CD. I only have a few precious moments to make a good impression. They don’t need to know my life story. I just need to put a human face to the product. Eye contact is very important at this stage in the game. Try to look  and sound as plesant as possible with out being totally fake. Nice hellos and small compliments work wonders. What works for me is. “What up big dawg My name is Joquan Da Hooligan Im a underground recording artist from Detroit. That’s it
As Im reading there facial expression and body language Im calculating how much time I should put into the presentation.

Placing the product in the persons hand puts that person in the state of control but that’s where you wont them to be feeling in control. Not in a state of discomfort . How ever it is even more important to matain dominance of the situation if a person is walking down the street and you place the cd in there hand without a grip on the CD they can just keep walking because they think you are giving it to them for free.
So if you place the CD in there hand make sure you have a firm grip on the product.
As they are holding the CD and start to inspect it tell them about featured artist and producers you can also tell them about what songs you performed at what venue if theres time to do so. Keep in mind they are busy just like you. But if you see you got them interested run with it. But all the topings of that pizza before you pop it in the oven.

The close is the most important of these four steps.  It is also important that you remember to not take it personal when you do not sell a product.  But here are some tips to help you reach an effective close. After your presentation, give them your price. “I’m selling the CD for ???”. “Would you like to support?”.  More often than not, when they say no, it’s not personal, it’s just a natural reaction to any sell.  I would say be nice, but being nice is not going to help you close this deal.  So I’ll simply say, don’t be mean, but push it on them.  Drive home the fact that even if they don’t need this CD, you need their support.  If all else fails, you can play the negotiation card. “How about I knock 3 dollars off?  Will that work for you?”  If that’s not successful, give them a pleasant “have a  nice day” and quickly move on to the next one. In this game, he who knows the law of averages controls the house and the senate.  LOL.

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By even contemplating this question and this day in age lets me know that you have heart a lot of folks will try to convince you that the time for selling CDs is over however I find whenever I'm in need of a couple of bucks it's the most efficient way to gain access to money immediately all I have to do is walk to the corner in this blog I will explain how to sell your CDs on the streets. Considering you already have material one to ten songs already recorded. Let's get started. I found it it takes four basic steps to sell the CD first finding who you going to sell your CD to that's the first step acquisition the Second Step introducing yourself to the person you're going to sell the CD to it serves his Icebreaker 3 presenting your CD to the potential consumer and for closing the potential consumer on the deal in the video below I give examples of how to do so don't be pushy but don't be a punk either try and be yourself nothing like a fake persona the f****** a rap career I remember the heat rule in sales to accomplish it Go ABC always be closing keep in mind you will not get rich selling CDs but it's a great side Hustle I do not encourage you to quit your day job without a solid and effective sales plan to gain greater capital this isn't for the want to be rich this is for the hungry this is for the passionate this is for those who really want to get their music out remember the importance of setting goals and don't let no one getting your way

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