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In 2012 my daughter was diagnosed with autism. It was feared she might have hearing problems because she was not talking  at age 5. I did not think that was the case because at 5 years old she could hear a Ice cream truck from 3 blocks away. She past her hearing test then it was recommended she be tested for autism.

When she was first diagnosed I didn’t give it to much concern after all this little fucker has been in my life for 5 years now and had quickly become one of the most important things in it. So I would continue to love this small booger factory unconditionally. Although I must admit when it comes to the lightly handicap and special needs people I have been some what conditioned to not feel as sorry for them as another person would because of particular members of my family. Thems members where born with so called handicaps but where taught to over come them. I recall some elder family members saying as long as you can see hear walk talk and put food in your mouth and chew. Nigga you fine!!!!    My wife on the other hand was very concerned for our daughters development. And began enrolling her in many programs to aide in her treatment. My wife is the most selfless person I know our daughter and I are both lucky to have her. Thats why I call her Super Mom or The General

Autism Speaks is a organization that advocates families of autistic children they also sponsor research for treatments I can personally say this organization is a help to our child click the donate button to donate or learn more about them now

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