Selling CD’s in Conant Gardens

Selling CD's in Conat Gardens

Today I sold CD’s in my early child hood neiborhood of Conant Gardens I enjoyed my self as always this is the video blog of the day

The Conant Gardens Neiborhood is the home of Detroits own Slum Village The Homeboy SomeBody called us and invited us to the video shoot of the Reppin Music Video

Me Some*Body and T3 of Slum Village at the J Dilla Reppin Music Video Shoot

Another Conant Gardens Vetran Troub Ill Featured on my single Surviving Did his cameo shot in front of Metro Shoppers Market on Conant and Nevada

Me and Troub Ill with Young Renia at Wall Street recording Studio with Art Forest

Also Check Out Ole To Hip Hop Music Video
Shot in Conant Gardens

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