Why I sell CD’s on the streets

Why I Sell My CD's On The Streets

Why I sell my CD on the streets. Discussion about direct music marketing.
I as a independent recording artist find it useful to sell my cd on the streets
The pros on selling your music on the streets as a way to make money from
your music. Independent music distribution. For the hungry musician.

When I weigh out the pros and cons of selling my CD on the streets more often than not find that the pros
outweigh the cons some of the cons are the environment may be dangerous  niggas may think less of
you for selling CDs out the trunk a lot of rejection comes with the experience the pros are I gain access
the new potential fans if my gas light comes on I’m only a sales pitch away from turning it off I get to
travel also get a few bucks not to mention that it is a productive use of my time I often find during days that
 I sell CDs my Google analytics shows a slightly higher percent of views and traffic to my website.
Those are few of the pros and cons to selling CDs on the street I like to do it because it’s fun and I’ve got a job but
 if I get off early enough how can you screw into the next summer or County roll up a blunt and kick it with
for the most part are cool and interesting people. If you’ve ever worked with a cell’s crew before then you know the
phone that you have when you’re out traveling sometimes it ain’t even about the money you just get to enjoy a different
environment for a second that’s a part of what’s cool about some CDs on the street
on top of that however I get to make some money  by selling a product that I manufactor
myself so instead of the company getting all of the money the proceeds go to my
 favorite charity the feed a hungry rapper Foundation LOL
I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog

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