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Joquan Da Hooligan Bio

Independent Recording artist Joquan Da Hooligan, established 1998.
Influenced by hip hop acts such as Ice Cube, Dank Brew and Gunz, D.J. Quik and many other great hip hop talents. The Michigan native began writing rhymes at the early age of 8. At 13 years old he had already had preforming experience having participated in numerous local talent shows and showcase venues. Including a fundraiser For the Tammie R Murray Foundation at Mary grove College, and a performance with hip hop group Three Times Dope at the Boys and Girls Club in southwest Detroit. In 1997 Joquan began working with NBG records and started recording at Back Porch Productions
with Levon Walker, Maw Dawg and Roquel Payton current member of The Four Tops and son of the late Motown recording legend Lawrence Payton. After one year of recording and Unsuccessfully soliciting demo tape to numerous major record companies. Joquan began selling copies of the demos the major labels would return in the mail on the streets of Detroit. Joquan then put together a low budget mixtape simply titled Hooligan. By the summer of 1998 Joquan Da Hooligan was well known through out Detroit’s Fenkell and Livernois community for selling his tapes on the streets. Over the first five years of the new millennium. Joquan Da Hooligan had been featured on many underground D.J. Mixtapes including, D.J. King David, D.J. Gotti and Drunken Master.
For he first decade of the millennium Joquan Da Hooligan sold countless CD’s through out Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Iowa. Hosted several open mic events including. The Up top show on whpr 88.1fm in Highland Park Michigan. And even managed to produce a very low budget movie titled. The ghost of the alien weed head. With several years live radio experience under his belt he enrolled in Specs Howard School of broadcasting. After his graduation Joquan went to work producing his own music videos and building up a YouTube Following. Since then he has collaborated with LowDown of The Raw Collection, Swift of D12, Ricky Rucker and Kastro from the outlaws. With a notorious reputation from preforming at The old Miami. Ulis house of Rock,The Bullfrog and other Michigan venues. Joquan Da Hooligan sells his cd on the streets with some what of a ease. In a time when fewer people even bother
to buy physical CD’s .His latest targeted platform is the internet. Gaining a steady growth of social media
followers ranking on reverbnation with in the top 100 in a local chart of thousands. The Joquan Da Hooligan brand continues to grow stronger. It would be a wise assumption to assume the brand will continue to grow.

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