BMI Royalties 2017

BMI Royalty Payment Second Quarter 2017

​A few days ago I received my royalty payments for the second quarter of 2017. 
I wasn’t expecting this royalty check so it was a pleasant surprise. 
However, when I crossed referenced the amount of work that I put in
for promoting my music content over the Internet compared
to the amount of money I received from my live performance royalties,
I find it somewhat disappointing.
Big Internet companies pay so little in royalties for independent artists.
I often find whenever I receive a publishing check,
that the majority of my royalty income comes from live
performances.  I will admit I have no synchronization licenses
for television and film.  However, I do find it a tad bit unfair
for recording artists to receive such little payment from big
online companies for the hard work and dedication that they
put into their music.  In this video, I discuss my plans for 2018
involving time I spend creating online content versus time I spend
selling my content on the streets.  I do enjoy creating these web pages
and I love to nag my wife by having her type out these blog posts. 
Ha, Ha Ha! Hope you enjoy the video. Don’t forget to check out

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