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A few years ago I had the rare honor of having 2Pac's first cousin riding around with me in my car on the Eastside of Detroit as I got a bag of weed. None other than Mr. Katari Cox better known as Kastro from the Outlawz.  My homeboy GeeUniteUs got in contact with him. Shortly afterward, he and Tada Boy came to Detroit and recorded a song with us called Music Gets Me High.  For whatever reason, my verse from that song was dropped.  However they did put Jacka from Oakland and Dylan from Making the Band on that song. I'll link that song below.  The song you are about to listen to now is entitled I Got the Bass by Kastro of the Outlawz and Swifty McVay of D12 featuring Joquand Da Hooligan, produced by Money Mark with Firehouse Productions. We recorded this song in Eminem's studio on Hilton Road in Ferndale.  Shortly after we recorded this song, we recorded another song featuring Kastro and myself at WallSTreet Recording Studios. Shouts out to the big homie Kastro of the Outlawz for showing us love by coming to Detroit and shouts out to my homie GeeUniteUs who hooked it all up.  The homie Katari is a very down to earth and cool person.  I don't consider it too big of a bragging right to have been able to record with him. cause I'm sure that any real gz that would reach out to the brotha would surely be able to conduct the same business with him as we did. Because these recordings arent' mine I don't have them posted on my channel. However I did find a leaked version of the song I Got the Bass by Kastro and Swifty McVay on Youtube. Check it out below and thanks for checking out this blog.

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